a selection of recent projects

IBM Think 2019

As part of IBM’s biggest event of the year, Spinifex was responsible for five separate interactive activations at the tech leader’s very own conference.

IBM US Open 2018

Continuing our work for IBM at the US Open, in 2018 we created their first fan-facing experience. Powered by numerous data sources, it featured a massive video wall cycling between different data visualizations, as well as personal interactive “AI Highlights” stations allowing fans to experience the power of Watson firsthand.

IBM US Open 2017

In 2017 we built an interactive data visualization in IBM's hospitality suites at the US Open that activated the vast amounts of data generated within the tournament onto a virtual model of the grounds.

Fove VR

My team at Perception designed and prototyped the home experience for Fove's world-first eye tracking virtual reality headset. By highlighting Fove’s most unique attribute — the ability to see where the user is looking, we were able to create a new interaction paradigm that feels truly telepathic.

IBM Design Thinking

A simple exercise we did with IBM Design in Austin wound up sending ripples through the massive (and inspiring) initiative that IBM was preparing: the publishing of their extensive process for problem solving through design, known as IBM Design Thinking.

Marvel Studios

In 2016 Perception was approached by Marvel Studios to help collaborate on an exceptionally special project — we were asked to redesign the logo and craft the opening animation for the next era of Marvel Studios that will precede all of their feature films for years to come.


Heavyocity, creators of cutting-edge software instruments for today’s modern composer and sound designer, approached my team at Perception to design the look and feel of GRAVITY, their most dynamic collection of cinema scoring tools to date.

Batman v Superman

During my time running Perception, nothing excited our creative team more than a project that involved superheroes. So when Warner Brothers approached us with the task of creating unique new UIs for both Batman and Lex Luthor, we jumped at the opportunity.

Racing Extinction

My team at Spinifex worked with the incredibly talented people at Obscura Digital and the Oceanic Preservation Society to help them achieve this incredible projection mapping show on the Empire State Building.

IBM Cognitive Mobility

For the Detroit Auto Show in 2017, we created an interactive application that used a Leap motion and told a story that dramatized how IBM’s Cognitive Mobility service uses data to design unique moments that reinvent travel time and inform better decisions on the go.

LG March Madness

LG has been a longtime sponsor of the NCAA, and a key element of that has been their annual participation in the Fan Fest sponsor pavilion, arranged to coordinate with the Final Four Men's Basketball championship games. The LG House is organized into multiple rooms that showcase LG products in different ways.

Pepsi Hype Zone

As part of the Super Bowl Central activation area in downtown Phoenix, my team created the Pepsi Hype Zone to get fans excited in the lead up to the big game. The activation consisted of an enclosure made from shipping containers, two LED screens and several interactive engagements.

LG US Open

As part of LG’s sponsorship of the US Open in 2014, they created an activation area just inside the ticketed area of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The central location of the LG Winners Circle within the venue, allowed the brand to draw a large amount of engagement from the crowds of tennis fans.

AT&T Film For All

When AT&T took over the presenting sponsorship of the Tribeca Film Festival, they wanted their message to be all about inclusivity. So my team at Spinifex Group and sister agency Partners & Napier joined forces to create a promotional campaign titled Film for All.

Kickstart Super Bowl

To promote the two new flavors of Mountain Dew Kickstart at the Super Bowl, My team at Spinifex and sister agency Motive created an on-the-ground sweepstakes using enormous LED signage in Times Square and a text-based UI, to give away free Kickstart and tickets to the big game.

330 Hudson Lobby

ESI Design and my team at Spinifex worked together to create a bespoke and highly customizable media control system for the array of LED screens in the the lobby of 330 Hudson Street during the high-end renovation of this iconic commercial building.

More case studies to be added here shortly. Much of the real-world UX work we did at Perception was for R&D or is otherwise confidential and therefore cannot be discussed publicly, but I will add case studies for those as confidentiality allows.

This portfolio is focused on work from 2014 on. For earlier work see my Behance portfolio.