josiah bennett hobson

experienced leader | experiential pioneer | executive producer | product & project manager

Hi there, I’m Josiah and ICONOCLAST is my personal site.

As it happens, I’m trying to figure out my next big career challenge, so below is some information about my work thus far and my varied skills. If you have any ideas about worthy challenges for me, I’d love to hear them.

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          My career has been quite entrepreneurial and my expertise crosses numerous traditional areas. I’ve excelled in roles from managing director to executive producer to director of technology to creative director and more. The sweet spot for this breadth of skills is probably in strategy and production. I’m great at the problem solving aspects of aligning an initiative with overall business goals, as well as the tactical execution of actually delivering on that strategic vision.

          Rather than provide a work history here, I’ll just refer you to my LinkedIn profile. Have a look at some of the very cool work I’ve produced in my current portfolio here, and in my slightly older Behance portfolio.

          Looking forward to finding another opportunity to work with some talented people to make more awesome work in the near future.