josiah hobson

marketer | strategist | leader | storyteller | iconoclast

Hi, and welcome! I’m Josiah and this is my personal site. It’s great to make your acquaintance.

I help brands to engage with their customers more deeply, by creating digital and physical experiences that use technology and storytelling in innovative ways. I’ve been doing that a couple of decades.

I run a white-label production studio called Acentric. We help agencies to execute on digital and experiential projects that they can’t produce in-house. We also sometimes work for brands directly. By operating on a virtual model with low overhead, we are able to execute sophisticated projects at a lower cost structure than traditional agencies. And because I’ve been creating world-class experiences for such a long time, we’re able to deliver an extremely high level of quality at that lower price point.

I also currently run the New York office for Spinifex, an LA-based experiential agency that’s part of the Project Worldwide network. We create world-class digital experiences, often within physical spaces, for some of the largest brands in the world. We also create themed entertainment experiences around the world, and have studios in Sydney and Hong Kong.

I used to run an experiential agency called Operand, which is where I first started creating these types of digital and physical experiences. We did a lot of exhibit work for museums, as well as groundbreaking work in retail and entertainment. You can learn more about some of that work in my old portfolio over on Behance. Or you can see some of my more recent work right here.

I’ve also been involved with various startups in a broad variety of roles, and I’m usually advising on a few different projects at any given time.

I grew up in Manhattan but I currently live in Brooklyn with my wife Vanessa, a large number of dogs and a couple of cats. I’m also father to two teenagers. When I’m not working or spending time with my family, you can usually find me riding a bike, either alone or with the NYCC.