Architects ofExperience

Combining creative imagination and technical mastery with an experiential focus, I lead diverse and talented teams in the service of helping brands to better engage their customers, and venues to better entertain their audiences. I identify unique creative opportunities and apply innovative technology strategies as force multipliers for interacting with visitors and guests in exciting new ways.

Technical Mastery +
Experiential Focus +
Creative Imagination


  • Interactive storydoing versus passive storytelling
  • Fostering deeper customer and visitor engagement
  • Driving the creation of unforgettable memories

“Tell me and I will forget.
Show me and I may remember.
involve me and I will understand.”

— Confucius, 450 B.C.

Global Resourcing

Having identified and leveraged the benefits of hybrid productivity and flexible working arrangements long before the recent transition to remote work, I’ve spent decades building relationships with trusted partners, vendors and talented professionals all over the world.

This allows me to nimbly assemble just the right team to meet client’s needs for each project, and it allows me to represent a world-class level of performance across a diverse set of services. And since a network of global strategic partnerships is more cost-effective than maintaining a centralized staff, it often allows me to deliver those services at a more competitive rate structure than traditional agencies.

Concept To Completion

I generally follow a well-defined and proven process, allowing me to deliver consistent results, even while managing strategic partnerships and outside vendors.


Strategic analysis and technical research to fully define the brief


Concepting, journey mapping, mood boards, systems design


Ongoing technical & strategic support


Creative direction, storyboarding, previs, UI/UX, animatics


App dev, programming, animation, video production, systems setup


Systems integration, installation & testing, adjustments


Final QA, delivery, documentation & training, launch