It is well understood that marketing budgets are in constant flux, and investments in strategic activations need to ensure a return. DIgital experiences are some of the most scalable executions in the experiential marketers toolkit. 

A single interactive experience can be ported and repurposed at multiple events, even adjusted to stay relevant and up to date with the latest brand messaging. Creating scalable digital experiences starts from inception, ensuring they are built in a specific way that allows for medium transfer. 

A single properly-planned production approach can create a content experience for a large immersive theater at a key event, smaller immersive pop-ups at regional events, VR headsets for one-on-one demos, and online for broad distribution.

This approach not only extends the initial investment across multiple use cases, but it also reduces costs significantly throughout the life of a campaign or brand message. 

Analytics Falls

IBM Geo Sphere

NTT Immersive Room

This activation was debuted at Dreamforce 2019. Guests were able to use physical gestures to interact and part a waterfall to discover content. The activation was ported to smaller kiosks with built-in cameras and the build also ran on tablets, mobile phones and browsers.

This IBM Think activation was originally created for an immersive projection theater. The content was created with real-time game engine tools in a 270º view. The same content was repurposed for VR headsets, as well as traditional media and video players. 

NTT’s San Francisco Experience Center includes a 360º cylindrical immersion room with projection on the walls and floor, providing a transportive content experience. But we also adapt 16:9 versions of the same content for audiences online and elsewhere.