On (most) Fridays I post here a roundup of interesting things I’ve read and/or posted on social media since my last roundup, generally stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find interesting.
Featured Image: Cristina Quicler/AFP via Getty Images

Lime and other dockless bike companies are gathering masses of location-based information that some cities are leveraging to improve their streets:


Darpa’s new Subterranean Challenge tasks entrants with designing robots to navigate a grueling subterranean course of tunnels and caves, some of the most unforgiving environments on Earth:

Image: By VasGian

MIT’s SkinBot is a palm-sized bipedal robot with suction-cup feet inspired by leeches that can crawl over your body to scan your skin with a microscope:

Image: Artem Dementyev/MIT Media Lab

Researchers at Drexel University have developed a one-step spray-on technique for creating RF antennas made of 2D titanium carbide that could make any object connected:

Image: Drexel University, Kanit Hantanasirisakul

UK company Magway proposes to build a series of hyperloop-like electromagnetic transportation tunnels for moving groceries around the country:


BrainNet is a “social network” of brains developed at UW in Seattle that allows three people to transmit thoughts to one another’s heads for collaborative problem-solving:

Image: UW / arXiv / Technology Review

Iron Ox is a new autonomous farm in California that wants to produce hydroponic food without human workers:


Silicon Valley startup HyperloopTT has unveiled the capsule they plan to use on their first hyperloop in Europe:

Image: Cristina Quicler/AFP via Getty Images

Scientists from Harvard’s Wyss Institute have developed a glove-controlled robot arm that’s soft enough not to harm a jellyfish:

Image: Wyss Institute, Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

ETH Zurich and Disney Research have developed an autonomous spray-painting drone that can tag a wall all on its own:

Image: ETH Zurich / Disney Research / TechCrunch

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