On (most) Fridays I post here a roundup of interesting things I’ve read and/or posted on social media since my last roundup, generally stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find interesting.

An inside look at the Olympics opening ceremony world-record drone show:

Image: Intel

Google’s Deepmind AI team developed a deep learning training system that allows it to transfer learning from one domain to another by multitasking on multiple games at once:

Image: Deepmind

A group of artists attended panels at the World Economic Forum and illustrated their concepts of future jobs based on the topics discussed:

Image: Florian de Gesincourt, Happy Finish; Courtesy of AKQA

Gotta love when there’s a train stopped at every station as far as the eye can see…

Image: Josiah Hobson

Harvard researchers are pioneering a way to refurbish lungs and other organs for use as transplants, to help alleviate the massive backlog of patients waiting for donors:


Google and its health-tech subsidiary Verily developed an AI algorithm that can predict heart disease by evaluating a scan of the patient’s eye:

Image: Google / Verily Life Sciences

Looking for a smart city? Grab your skis – resorts like Vail have been tracking reams of data on visitors for years:

Image: Wolfgang Moroder / Wikimedia

UK insurance company Hiscox set up a honeypot server and tracked attacks to it on a billboard to highlight the danger of cyber crime:

Image: AdAge

Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs plans to transform a blighted and underutilized part of Toronto’s waterfront into a smarter smart city experiment called Quayside:

Image: Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto

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