On (most) Fridays I post here a roundup of interesting things I’ve read and/or posted on social media since my last roundup, generally stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find interesting.
Featured Image: Nike China

Stanford engineers have developed a clever system using lasers and algorithms to map out-of-sight objects in 3D. It could allow driverless cars to see around corners:

Some earlier similar research from MIT can be found here

Starsky Robotics intends to start making truly driverless truck deliveries in Florida by the end of 2018:

Image: Starsky Robotics/Wired

Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk fully electric, self-piloting flying taxi is now exiting stealth mode:

Image: Richard Lord, via Kitty Hawk

Startup Netcome is pitching a mind-uploading service that can make a digital backup of your brain, but the process is “100 percent fatal”:


Why it’s so hard to design fashionable augmented reality glasses:


Autonomous construction of the future is here – in Japan AI drones are controlling self-driving diggers on building sites:

Image: TeerawatWinyarat/Getty

MIT engineers have developed a “body on a chip” that could be used to evaluate new medicines and detect possible side effects before the drugs are tested in humans:

Image: Felice Frankel

Reactland is a video game that shoppers in Shanghai can play by test-running Nike’s new Epic React sneakers on a customized treadmill:

Image: Nike China

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