On (most) Fridays I post here a roundup of interesting things I’ve read and/or posted on social media since my last roundup, generally stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find interesting.
Featured Image: Google

Google’s new YouTube Stories feature uses video segmentation image processing to composite you onto a different background without the usual green screen used in chromakey:

Image: Google

Porsche has reportedly started to develop autonomous flying passenger drones (aka flying cars):

Image: Thomas Kienzle/AFP/Getty Images

Google’s new quantum computer chip Bristlecone has 72 qubits::

Image: Google

Norway is using drones to find trash in its fjords:

Image: James Silverman for The New York Times

SAM (semi-automated mason) is a robot bricklayer that could help alleviate a growing shortage of workers in the industry:

Image: The New York Times

Renault’s EZ-GO concept car at the Geneva Motor Show is built for autonomous on-demand ride-sharing:

Image: Renault

Barneys New York created Mantle, a virtual reality experience in partnership with Martha Graham Dance Company and Samsung:

Image: Barneys New York

Uber’s self-driving trucks are making deliveries in Arizona:

Image: Uber

Japanese researchers created a ‘mind-reading’ artificial intelligence system that produces a written description of what you’re thinking about:

Image: RichVintage/Getty Images

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