On (most) Fridays I post here a roundup of interesting things I’ve read and/or posted on social media since my last roundup, generally stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find interesting.
Featured Image: BMW

Apple is reportedly working on a powerful wireless headset for both AR and VR:

Image: CNET

BMW has designed a slick passenger capsule for the proposed Dubai to Abu Dhabi hyperloop, expected to travel at speeds of over 600 mph:

Image: BMW

Conservationists will start using drones to map the Great Wall of China, which extends thousands of miles in some very remote areas, in incredible detail:


Ford has filed a patent for a car with a built-in autonomous electric motorcycle:

Image: Ford Motorcycle in Car patent

Oscar Mayer is launching a bacon-based cryptocurrency, and obviously it’s called Bacoin:

Image: Oscar Mayer

PayPal may be dusting off its patent on an idea for augmented reality payment glasses for implementation:

Image: Mark Neuling | CNBC

Singapore’s Changi airport may use facial recognition systems to find late passengers (hint, look in the bar):

Image: REUTERS/Thomas White

What the demise of robotics startup TickTock can tell us about the future of robots in the home:


Wine producers and growers are using technologies like harvesting robots and monitoring drones to combat labor shortages in the vineyards:

Image: Symington Family Estates

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