I spend about 10% of most work days keeping up on emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things that grab my attention. When I read something that I find interesting, I generally push it out to my twitter followers. Each Friday I review my feed and compile the stories that have resonated most with my followers over the previous week.

What if we regarded writing code as the modern equivalent of skilled work at an auto plant?

“Cassie” is a walking bipedal robot developed by Agility Robotics for package delivery:

Ford is investing $1 billion into driverless car tech startup Argo AI:

Subaru is the latest carmaker to test driverless cars in California:

Jukedeck is working to perfect the use of neural networks to write better AI music:

Elon Musk has reiterated the need for brain-computer interfaces in the age of AI:

Dubai claims they will roll out Ehang flying car taxi drones as soon as this summer:

Dubai will buy 200 Teslas as part of its ambitious driverless taxi plan:

Google’s DeepMind AI became ‘highly aggressive’ when pitted against itself for limited resources:

Some thoughts on why artificial intelligence is not a threat — not yet anyway:

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