I spend about 10% of most work days keeping up on emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things that grab my attention. When I read something that I find interesting, I generally push it out to my twitter followers. Each Friday I review my feed and compile the stories that have resonated most with my followers over the previous week.

Ford’s Autolivery concept delivers goods via driverless vans & delivery drones:

AxonVR has created a prototype haptic feedback device for virtual reality called HaptX:

San Francisco startup Apis Cor has 3D-printed a $10k house in Russia in just 24 hours:

MIT researchers used an EEG headset with a Baxter robot, allowing it to be trained via thoughts:

The FDNY deployed an IR-capable drone to assist firefighters and survey roof stability at a 4-alarm Bronx fire:

Airbus revealed their ‘Pop.Up’ modular autonomous flying car concept at the Geneva Motor Show:

Salesforce is partnering with IBM to integrate Watson AI into its own AI products, called Einstein:

A Lego enthusiast has engineered a biomimicry Lego bat model that realistically flaps its wings:

Shazam is getting into augmented reality, delivering Zappar AR content when users scan visual tags:

SXSW 2017 attendees can explore Tokyo in virtual reality without headsets via an 8K VR ride:

NatGeo created an animatronic leopard that’s controlled by over 30 motors – 16 in its face:

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