I spend about 10% of most work days keeping up on emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things that grab my attention. When I read something that I find interesting, I generally push it out to my twitter followers. Each Friday I review my feed and compile the stories that have resonated most with my followers over the previous week.

Is The Void’s experiential destination approach to VR a better model than consumer headsets?

The UK government has finally drawn up laws for autonomous cars:

A thoughtful analysis of why Bill Gates’ suggestion for a robot income tax may be misguided:

Could AI help to fix the human foibles of peer review in science?

An analysis into how artificial intelligence will transform Wall Street & replace traders with AI:

A closer look at Samsung’s ‘Monitorless’ vision to make augmented reality the OS of your life:

Honda’s new R&D Center X in Tokyo will focus on robots, energy and AI:

How artificial intelligence is already changing the way companies are organized:

Recap of MIT Tech Conference talk about “exponential technologies” with key leaders in robotics & AI:

A thoughtful essay on artificial intelligence & the singularity by Mark O’Connell, based on his book “To Be a Machine”:

China is building an entire village to promote virtual reality:

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