Part of my work is keeping up on emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other inspirational things. When I read something interesting, I send it out on twitter. On Fridays I review my feed and compile the stories that have resonated most with my followers over the previous week.

Siri creator Sentient is exploring the role of evolution in decision-making to improve AI:

10 use cases for artificial intelligence that IBM is already working on, per Michael Karasick:

UK biomimetic startup Animal Dynamics is building a microdrone that flies like a dragonfly:

Elon Musk’s latest startup Neuralink aims to develop a brain-computer interface using neural lace:

Russia’s Cognitive Technologies will enter US driverless car market:

Markus Kayser’s “Solar Sinter” 3D-prints glass sculptures out of desert sand, just like SLS/SLM:

Accenture report says that AI will be the primary way banks communicate with customers within 3 years:

Festo’s OctopusGripper is a tentacled soft robotic arm that’s biomimetic of a cephalopod:

MIT researchers are developing small transportable nuclear reactors to piggyback on existing facilities:

Very soon machine learning AI will be better at medical diagnosis than any human doctor:

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