On Fridays I post here my favorite stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find inspirational.

Apple now has an official permit to test driverless cars in California:

Image: Lexus

A look at “adversarial machine learning” tricks that can fool image & facial recognition AI systems:

Image: William Joel / The Verge

Farfetch is working to bring the data knowledge of online shopping to the retail store of the future:

Image: Farfetch

Project Portal is a proof of concept semi truck that runs on Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell system:

Image: Toyota Motor NA

Tonight (April 19) there’ll be a projection show on the north side of the Empire State Building – if you’re in midtown look up:

Image: Obscura Digital

Facebook developed a brain-computer interface that turns thoughts into text at 100 words per minute:

Image: Chief Photographer/MOD, OGL

Mastercard introduced a biometric credit card with a fingerprint sensor to recognize its owner:

Image: Mastercard

Lilium had a successful test flight of the world’s first electric VTOL jet:

Image: Lilium

Bridgestone has developed air-free bicycle tires that totally avoid punctures & changing flats:

Image: Bridgestone

AeroMobil showed off the production version of its flying car in Monaco, available in 2020 for $1M+:

Image: AeroMobil

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