Part of my work is keeping up on emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other inspirational things. When I read something interesting, I send it out on twitter. On Fridays I review my feed and compile the stories that have resonated most with my followers over the previous week.

Qualcomm devised new technology to unlock smartphones using iris scans:

Image: Qualcomm

Scientists implanted eyes onto the tails of blind tadpoles, allowing them to see again:

Image: Rainforest_harley – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

Connecticut legislators are considering equipping police with drones armed with lethal weapons:

Image: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Duke researchers used bouncing water droplets on super-hydrophobic surfaces to cool processors:

Image: Chuan-Hua Chen, Duke University

Researchers used inkjet printers to create flexible memory devices for 3D-printed electronics:

Image: Michael Kaiser

Hyperloop One completed their Vegas test track tube and proposed 11 Hyperloop routes in the U.S.:

Image: Michael Kaiser

Google avoided building a dozen new data centers by building a custom AI chip for voice recognition:

Image: Google

A roboticist in China developed a biomimetic soft robot inspired by a manta ray:

Image: Hyperloop One

Researchers in Seattle used machine learning to visualize how stem cells will look:

Image: Allen Inst. for Cell Science

IBM developed a tiny chip that could detect methane leaks autonomously:

Image: IBM Research Flickr

The very talented animation team at Perception did a great roundtable talk on FUI for Cinema4D’s Cineversity:

Image: MAXON

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