On Fridays I post here my favorite stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find inspirational.

Researchers in the UK made a nanoscale graphene speaker that produces sound thermoacoustically:

Image: David Horsell/University of Exeter

Researchers used dye-sensitized solar cells to produce usable power from low indoor light conditions:

Image: NikonFilm35/Flickr

Tesla’s new Autopilot update will collect videos from its cars to improve its autonomous AI:

Image: Engadget

Chinese startup Infervision is developing an AI tool for diagnosing lung cancer:

Image: Ed Euthman/Flickr

Vollebak set out to produce the world’s most visible garment for cyclists and pedestrians:

Image: Vollebak/Sun Lee

Abundant Robotics, backed by Google, developed an apple harvesting robot that sucks fruit off trees:

Image: TJ Mullinax/Good Fruit Grower

Electrick, from CMU researchers, uses conductive spraypaint to make everyday objects into touchpads:

Image: Future Interfaces Group, Carnegie Mellon University

Here’s our first look at Uber Freight, Uber’s long-haul driverless trucking venture:

Image: Travis Kalanick/Twitter

Finnish researchers have built a “nanofridge” that could be used to cool quantum computers:

Image: Kuan Yen Tan

How VR games are like religion and what that might mean for us once AI does all the world’s work:

Image:Samuel Zeller/Unsplash

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