On Fridays I post here my favorite stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find inspirational.

Google thinks it can crack the VR adoption problem by building wireless headsets with partners:

Image: Google

Inductive charging built into roads could be useful for public transit:

Image: Qualcomm

Quants run Wall Street now – algorithmic funds vastly outperform human fund managers:

Image: Tabb Group/The Wall Street Journal

Trump’s decision-making seems inscrutable, but through a machine learning lens it’s logical:

Image: Mark Weaver/Doug Mills/The New York Times

Machine learning requires tons of training data, but an AI imbued with curiosity might learn faster:

Image: Pulkit Agrawal

Microsoft showed off a pair of prototype augmented reality glasses way smaller than Hololens:

Image: Microsoft

UCSD researchers 3D-printed a soft robot that can navigate over rubble and loose sand:

Image: UC San Diego

The US Army’s Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR) system is an AR HUD for soldiers:

Image: US Army

U Melbourne’s Augmented Studio uses projection mapping onto human subjects to teach anatomy:

Image: U. Melbourne

Google now analyzes credit card data to connect offline purchases to online ads:

Image: AP Photo/David Goldman

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