On Fridays I post here my favorite stories about emerging technologies, experiential activations, interactive art, advances in scientific research, and other things I find inspirational. I haven’t posted a recap in several weeks, so today here’s a two-week recap.
Featured Image: Dianna McDougall

If anyone missed me the last few weeks, this is what I was working on for IBM at the US Open:

Image: manalahmadkhan via Wikimedia Commons

German startup Lilium has raised $90M from some big names to bring flying cars closer to reality:

Image: Lilium Aviation

Nike Makers’ Experience in NYC lets shoppers design and print custom sneakers in 90m:

Image: Nike

Volkswagen has opened a new interactive automotive retail store in the UK:

Image: Dalziel & Pow | Volkswagen

Move over Impossible Burger, startup Finless Foods aims to create synthetic fish filets:

Image: Finless Foods

Entrupy is a small handheld device that can tell counterfeit luxury bags from the real thing:

Image: Entrupy

A team in England used robots to plant, tend, and harvest an entire crop of barley autonomously:

Image: Hands Free Hectare

How artificial intelligence could negotiate better deals for humans in numerous domains:

Image: Photo_Concepts/iStockphoto

SkyCool aims to reinvent air-conditioning by using a quirk of optics to throw heat into space:

Image: James Temple

Africa is adopting delivery drones way faster than the US – just look at Zipline:

Image: Zipline

IBM used its quantum computer to simulate a molecule, possibly heralding a breakthrough in chemistry:

Image: IBM Research | Nature

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