From licensing art and media to introducing true ownership mechanics to games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a hot topic within the gaming community. 

Also, with  Andreessen Horowitz announcing $600 million in funds for games investments, we can anticipate that many interesting things will happen in this field.

Blockchain-enabled games, many of which are decentralized applications, place a greater emphasis on providing value for players. This method is a fundamental change, allowing players to better understand and appreciate the utility and worth of items obtained through in-game purchases, regular gameplay, or promotional events. For example, if a player buys a Gun upgrade in a traditional game, their sole benefit is better gameplay in that game. The same Gun, however, can be tokenized in a way that transforms in-game purchases into transferable assets that can bestow benefits across interconnected games or be exchanged for money or other digital assets in a gaming ecosystem that uses cross-platform non-fungible tokens. We’ll look at the mechanism behind the game NFTs in this blog. However, because NFTs are unique and may be structured to retain value beyond the game in which they were created, blockchain-based games have the potential to significantly extend gaming economies.


The best aspect of NFT games is that they’re not the same as merely having cryptocurrency in your wallet. NFTs will be employed in the rules, procedures, and player interactions in an NFT game. For example, in a game, an NFT could be used to symbolize your unique character or avatar, unlike in traditional games.NFTs are also found in digital items discovered during the game. Anyone can then sell or trade your NFTs to other gamers for a profit. A modern, play-to-earn paradigm can also be used to gain money from NFT games. That is why NFT gaming is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry in the future.


Benefits of Gaming NFTs

  • NFT-based gaming solutions provide a high level of security and reliability. Because blockchain technology safeguards a gamer’s wallet with an impenetrable layer of cutting-edge technology, the Gamer may be assured that his digital assets are protected.
  • Another advantage is Uniqueness and authenticity are prized by collectors, and the scarcity of in-game NFT purchases can be validated thanks to the immutable records incorporated into the blockchain network. Every Owned NFT can be tracked or seen in this decentralized public ledger, which confirms its number and uniqueness, as well as its own history.
  • On centralized servers, web-based games are played. As a result, in-game assets are locked away in closed systems that don’t connect. Decentralized games, on the other hand, are built on their own blockchains and serve as the backbone infrastructure for other games. As a result, NFT-based game assets can be developed to work in various contexts.


Some of the best NFT games 

Duelist is an indie game set in a blended RPG universe with two combat modes: 1v1 duel and squad mode. The player will progress from free mercenary to condottiere squad commander and play an essential role in the fast-paced conflict. The Duelist Kingdom is gaining pace after selling out 250,000 NFTs in less than 45 minutes during the game’s first month of release. Duelist is built on the Unreal Engine, a big multi-tool development platform for games and 3D multimedia. It’s a powerful tool that fits in well with game objectives. Because the game uses a turn-based warfare system, the game has an animation for 2d characters and good visual effects. And Duelist is about to launch on June 15, 2022, with 8,888 tokens accessible for minting. The NFT will solely use a single mint value and can function with 220 uncommon NFTs and 21 unique tokens that include thrilling perks to holders.


Another great NFT game based on trading cards is Splinterlands. Splinterlands, like Gods Unchained, allows you to assemble a deck of collectible cards with unique abilities. Anyone can then use your amazing deck to battle other players. Splinterlands is not a free-to-play game. To begin the game, you must first acquire a beginning deck. On the other hand, the beginner deck is entirely random so that you can earn some high-value cards right away. You can either play these cards for rewards or sell them for a fast profit.

Splinterlands has almost 500 different cards available, and the platform is constantly extending its in-game offers. The best aspect is that Splinterlands can be played on any platform, including iOS and Android.


STEPN is more of a lifestyle/fitness app than a game, but it still uses NFT elements and gamifies its whole process. This Web3 NFT app incentivizes players to move by walking or running. To get started with STEPN, players will need to purchase a pair of digital sneakers inside the app.


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