Digital fashion, digital healthcare, virtual pets, now it’s virtual children. Will humanity continue to “grow” in the Metaverse? 

According to UK-based AI expert Catriona Campbell, about half a century from now virtual children will exist in the metaverse. She claims that with the constantly evolving technology, the patterns of our behavior will also change. 

The “Tamagochi generation”  (Tamagochi is a popular Japanese game from 90-s and 2000-s)  will most likely opt out of having virtual children instead of real ones. The expert predicts that virtual kids will look like their parents, and live only in the Metaverse, where we all will spend the majority of our time in the Metaverse. 

Digital pets

Even though digital pets were around for a while, there was no exactly Metaverse-based pets. But recently Israeli startup started to ‘breed’ puppies for a 3D. Laika, the first Metavese pet, named after first dog in space by Russians in 1957, is the original product of the Digital Pets Company, a Tel Aviv-based artificial intelligence company.

The company is pioneering in creation of the world’s first-ever digital pet companions in the metaverse.

The dogs are powered by virtual haptic touch and voice technology (similar to voice assistants) that allow users to communicate with them, teach commands, offer positive reinforcement through tokens, and create a one-on-one relationship in a virtual reality environment.

In the nearest future users will be able to purchase virtual pets in vial tubes, before they are digitally ‘incubated’.  The buyer will then monitor the dog’s progression from embryo to puppy to adult dog. At the adult stage, the dogs will be able to follow users across virtual reality worlds and adapt to different visual environments.

Will virtual babies save the planet? 



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