Part 3. A flight over the playa

Sunrise. A crowd still partying with DJ Blondish.

I’m returning from deep playa after trying to see all the art objects people manage to bring to this dessert (which turned out to be impossible). I have never seen a sunrise in a desert before. Those colors are incredible, and it definitely feels like another planet. 

It is early morning, and a little chilly, but breathtakingly beautiful. Partying all night long is not exactly my thing, so at this moment I think about simple life pleasures: a bed and a pillow. With that in mind, biking toward our camp with my friend by my side. But we are so tired that we bike very slowly. On our way, we decide to stop, just to take a break, but right before the coffee booth. It’s empty though. Right in that morning some sleepy guy shows up and brings some stuff: a portable stove,  saucepan, and some coffee devices… We are lucky! Coffee on the sunrise – what can be better? 

The smell of freshly brewed coffee dissolving in crispy air is another beautiful thing reminding you of childhood memories and the most beautiful moments of your life. Turned out that it’s not just a regular c black something you get in the morning, but a specialty coffee. It was a booth organized by a Japanese girl who sells coffee for a living, and it’s her passion, and this was her 6th year on the Playa sharing her passion with others. As a huge coffee snob, I couldn’t stay calm and not share my gratitude and fascination via two lines in the “guest book” where you could find messages from 2017. 

The cue started growing, and playa’s day people started waking up. As always, everybody started talking to each other, and get new acquaintances. That’s how we got invited to fly over the playa.  


Yes, we didn’t sleep all night long, but the Playa rule is “go with the flow”. I didn’t even know that there was a possibility to flight over the playa and said “yes” to this opportunity.