Having a well-reasoned digital creative strategy can provide numerous benefits when producing activations. Firstly, it can lead to heightened guest engagement. By incorporating digital elements such as interactive displays, gamification, social media integrations, and personalized experiences, guests are more likely to participate and feel connected to the event. This can result in increased social media buzz, word-of-mouth marketing, and overall positive brand perception.

Another advantage of good digital creative strategy is intelligent performance tracking. By using digital tools such as analytics software, event organizers can track metrics such as attendance, engagement rates, and user behavior. This data can be used to optimize future events, refine marketing strategies, and identify areas for improvement. This helps to ensure that resources are being allocated effectively and that the event is meeting its goals.

Digital creative strategy can also elevate brand connection. By incorporating digital elements that align with the brand’s values and message, guests are more likely to associate the event with the brand and feel a deeper connection. This can result in increased brand loyalty and advocacy, which is essential for building a strong brand in today’s competitive landscape.

Salesforce Global Innovation
Connected Forest
Visa Innovation Centre

Working with Salesforce, we developed a global digital strategy that broadened customer reach and client services. Connecting the learnings of all regions and communicating services through digital touchpoints enhanced personalization and solution outcomes.

Communicating complex, technical processes like how a cloud service can connect APIs can be a challenging message to convey. Implementing digital strategy allowed for this message to be communicated in a simple way by gamifying the concept and tracking comprehension.

Applying a robust digital creative strategy to Visa’s Innovation Centre allowed for a completely connected and personalized guest journey – making every touchpoint relevant and specific to customer needs by using flexible digital content and interactions that stayed up to date.