Metaverse, web3, virtual worlds… all of these phrases refer to the creation of digital and social worlds that can be inhabited by audiences and participants in some way. Web graphics technology has reached a level of fidelity and accessibility that it can now empower brands to create digital hubs that not only represent the brand more purely but also be accessible to anyone around the world, making it an extremely effective tool for global marketing campaigns.

Branded virtual worlds allow for a high level of brand immersion, where customers can interact with the brand in a fully immersive digital environment. This can create a memorable and engaging experience that fosters a stronger connection between the brand and the customer. It also provides an opportunity for deep customer engagement, as customers can participate in activities, events, and social interactions within the virtual world. This can develop a sense of community and increase brand loyalty through organic and serendipitous interactions amongst customer audiences. 

Hidden Valley Web Experience
Virtual Production
Roblox Activations

Web technology has evolved exponentially and now allows us to create photo-realistic environments that are completely interactive and explorable, all through a web browser – by not needing specific software of devices, this approach is able to reach a wide audience and immerse them in brand worlds.

One use of real-time photorealistic digital environments is for virtual production. By shooting talent and props on an XR stage, agencies can simplify shoots that would be expensive on location, and even create fantastical environments that would be impossible to shoot in real life.

Brands are also getting creative with existing platforms, developing new experiences within metaverses like Roblox. By meeting consumers where they already are, brands open up their network to broader audiences without having to go looking for those consumers.