A powerful way to get audiences engaged is to fully transport them into your storytelling. Immersive media makes that possible. 

One option is to show content in a VR headset – but that’s inherently isolating, which is fundamentally at odd with the human connection goals of live events and experiential marketing. VR has its places, but we believe in-person events is not generally one of them. 

Luckily, both projection and LED technologies have advanced drastically in recent years, allowing for many viable opportunities to create experiences that are both immersive and communal. 

360 Dome Projection
Immersive Gondola Ride
NTT Global Experience Center

Salesforce told a customer 360 story in a 360º dome. Guests were completely transported to the brand’s world and characters, as they traveled through different environments to demonstrate products and services. 

Guests were able to enter an actual gondola and go on a journey to the peak of a mountain. The windows of the gondola were projected and told the story of customer success. For added immersion, the gondola seats were fitted with haptic vibration to simulate movement.

NTT Global’s Experience Center contains concentric immersive projection spaces – a fully cylindrical immersion room at the center, as well as a fully projected translucent glass curtain that completely surrounds it. This setup allows for multiple layers of immersive storytelling.