When IBM pivoted their Think 2020 global conference from a physical space to a digital event experience, an essential element was realigning IBM’s in-person brand activations to meet the needs of both their global audience and their team members around the world. Among these digital-first activations was IBM Quantum.

The IBM Quantum Digital Activation is an immersive, interactive digital experience exploring the full quantum technology stack. Attendees were drawn to the activation through call to action messaging across prominent featured sessions, including Arvind Krishna’s CEO address The New Essential Technologies for Business, Ginni Rometty’s Chairman address Making the Digital Era an Exclusive Era with guest speaker will.i.am, and Dario Gil, the Director of IBM Research’s session The Quantum Era of Accelerated Discovery.

The experience took attendees through five different chapters that showcased how IBM is the only company that offers the full quantum technology stack designed to deliver real-world solutions, including the most used and most advanced hardware, integrated systems, cloud services (IBM Quantum Experience) and software platform (Qiskit).

Attendees learned how tens of thousands of people are using IBM Quantum computers on the IBM Cloud to explore potential future solutions to the world’s most challenging problems, such as accelerating the fight against climate change, improving the world’s food supply, or uncovering nature’s fundamental secrets.

Through the great partnership and collaboration between IBM and sister agencies GPJ and Spinifex, the digital activation delivered solid business results:

  • Thousands of visitors to the activation site
  • 89% click through rate
  • Shared on social media channels IBM Instagram, IBM Twitter and IBM Research Twitter – 1.1 million followers
  • Attendee cross-sharing of link in live chat during live Quantum session sparked positive conversation and community building

The reimagined Think Digital event experience took place from May 5- 6, reaching over 90k attendees and focused on how IBM is helping accelerate recovery and transformation during COVID-19.

Experience the IBM Quantum Digital Activation for yourself at https://www.ibm.com/events/activations-quantum/

Image: IBM