NTT Experience Center

Acentric became the ongoing experience manager for NTT Global’s new Experience Center in San Francisco, which serves as the key engagement platform for NTT to establish itself as both a global brand and as an important leader regarding technology innovations across multiple industries.

The Experience Center (XC) includes a fully enclosed immersion room, a 12K panoramic resolution theater, and a series of wrap-around 12K frosted glass projection partitions that are viewable from either side.

Acentric worked with NTT to create a series of immersive 360 content experiences for the immersion room, as well as on building a catalog of both live action and CG content for use within the XC. We are additionally helped NTT to reimagine the space to incorporate real-time computer graphics via a virtual NTT Tower with presentations fed from a volumetric capture studio onsite.

Client: NTT Global
Agency Partner: Acentric