Security Summit

Our team worked with IBM Security to create a series of stories that would immerse attendees in relatable, human scenarios, showing the pervasiveness of security threats and the IBM technologies used to mitigate them via an oversized LED screen. These stories would be used globally throughout 2020, serving as a digital centerpiece for IBM’s largest security events, and scaled down for reuse at events with smaller footprints.

At full scale, we created a full size LED wall and lounge that extended three digital stories into the physical world, allowing attendees to be a part of the content in a unique and engaging way. In order to seamlessly blend the physical and digital world, weeks or pre-viz were done to determine optimal camera angles and prompt locations for the live action shoot. On set, cutting edge virtualization technology allowed us to composite the final scenes in real time, to precisely position the actors and prompts on screen.

The LED wall provided both a beautiful backdrop and a passive learning experience for attendees. Participants became a part of the action as Security stories played out around them. The engagement allowed them to absorb quick hits of content while engaging with colleagues, resulting in a captivating and immersive experience.

Client: IBM Security
Event: IBM Security Summit
Agency Partners: George P. Johnson, Spinifex Group