Tribeca Film Festival

To help bring awareness to the already well-known Tribeca Film Festival, and new presenting sponsor AT&T, we transformed the AT&T Long Lines Building in lower Manhattan via a series of iconic moments from film.

With the theme “great films are meant to be shared”, the projection show paid homage to memorable moments from cinema history: Muybridge’s racing horses; “King Kong” swatting airplanes from atop The Empire State Building; gears forming the face of Charlie Chaplin in “Modern Times”; the winding Yellow Brick Road of “The Wizard of Oz”; little Danny pedaling across the patterned hotel hallway carpet in “The Shining”; “ET” silhouetted against a full moon; ”Godzilla” crashing through a wall; the “Transformers” clicking into action, defying “Gravity” in outer space.

Full Projection Show Video:

Client: AT&T
Agency Partners: Partners & Napier, Spinifex Group